Hi, I’m fin

some people call me Markus Hametner.

I am a data journalist and hacker in the creative use of technology sense. I have also cofounded a NGO fighting for the right to access official documents in Austria.

Want to get in touch? Email is easiest and quickest:

fin @ fin . io

Journalism [portfolio]

Freelance Data Journalist

I often work for the Süddeutsche Zeitung data journalism team and Austrian investigative outlet Dossier.


September 2020 – July 2023: free, personalized newsletter for local covid data.

Data Journalist @ Addendum.org

From August 2017 until February 2021, I was part (and unofficial deputy lead) of Addendum's Data Journalism team.

Data Journalist @ derStandard.at

From February 2014 to July 2017, I was part of the Data & Interactive team, working both on own stories and helping other journalists present their data.

Hacks/Hackers Vienna

Hacks/Hackers is a global group of communities who bring together journalists (hacks) and hackers to talk about future of news and data journalism and stuff. The Vienna Chapter, which I co-founded, has been meeting since 2011.


A future of news playground, active through 2013, based on Luminous Flux

Great work w/ Gerald Gartner, Michaela Wein, Andreas Sator, Bernhard Schinwald, Katharina Lehner and Catharina Felke

Luminous Flux

A prototype format for long-running / developing stories, showing users exactly what changed since they last checked issue pages, developed w/ (and designed by) c3o

Developed in 2012, currently paused


Forum Informationsfreiheit

NGO I've co-founded, aiming to fix the Right to Know (Freedom of Information) situation in Austria. We have brought the topic back on the political agenda and are staying on the case, but are also suing for information when sensible.

Court Cases

As part of my FOI activism, I have sued for information when denied to me.
I have won multiple cases, for example one regarding Eurofighter offset deals.


A Freedom of Information portal for Austria, based on FragDenStaat.de, which makes it easy for citizens to enforce their (very limited) right to information. Over 140 requests in its first year, and growing.

There are some more things I've done/helped with/been involved with that I'm proud of:


A festival for urban games and a games collective. Full-blown festivals were held in 2012 and 2013, a small version was run in 2014.

Possibly the smallest-budget festival you can imagine.


technical cofounder; jan '08 - dec '09

internet food ordering startup w/ quality control and a great user interface


administration, events

220 sqm hackerspace / innovation center / project space in central vienna


evangelist & emergency sysadmin

connecting & promoting hackerspaces worldwide

UxCamp 2010


BarCamp style event centered on interaction design & usability.


volunteer; bm2010 build

not a small thing.

Elsewhere:     flickr github twitter journa.host/@fin