Markus „fin“ Hametner
freelance Data Journalist

I am a Data Journalist, Data Journalism Lecturer and Freedom of Information Expert currently based in Leipzig.

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Data Journalism

I started my data journalism career in Austria at and now-defunct Addendum. These days, most of my freelance work is for Süddeutsche Zeitung and

My areas of expertise include

🔍 Data Digging

From suing the state to scraping the web or wrangling unstructured PDFs: if there’s data, I can grab it, clean 🧹 it and make it useful.

📈 Data Visualization

Custom visualizations? Network charts? Scroll-reactive graphics? Only slightly absurd Datawrapper hacks? I’ve done it all.

📃 Data Storytelling

I frequently combine text and graphics. Interpreting data, making it engaging and explaining it correctly is a challenge i’m always up for.

🔁 Pipelines & Automation

With my technical background, I can create reliable systems for working with changing datasets. I have helped create Coronavirus and energy dashboards as well as articles for each german district that are updated daily, as well as election data texts and graphics that are available minutes after election results are available.

🧑‍🏫 Teaching & Workshops

I teach two courses at Universities of Applied Arts in Austria: basics of working with data in a bachelor-track course for students in „Journalism & PR“ FH Joanneum and a data-focused storytelling course to students of Data Science at FH St Pölten. I have given intensive workshops in Data Journalism and FOI in a range of settings.

Freedom of Information

I am a board member of Forum Informationsfreiheit, Austria’s leading NGO in the field of Freedom of Information.

In that role, I spend nights and evenings doing …


I have represented citizens’ interests in media, public discussions and as an invited expert in parliamentary hearings.

Requests & Court Cases

I have successfully sued the state for relevant information like the Eurofighter purchase contract and list of offset deals. My cases were the first in which an Austrian highest court recognized the Right to Information for „public watchdogs“ based on the European Convention of Human Rights.


I am responsible for keeping our request platform and various other projects up and running.

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